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This website was born of the recognition that in multiple arenas of the world, our planet is in trouble: perilous geopolitical tensions, global warming and the destruction of our environment, flagrant and egregious acts of cruelty inflicted by humans upon fellow humans and animals alike, hunger, poverty and homelessness, absent or woefully inadequate health care-- the list goes on and on. For most of us, it is mind-numbing to think of what needs to be done to make even a small impact, let alone to solve the overwhelming problems of the world.

Action Now Network is a non faith-based, non-partisan social action networking concept designed to stimulate a sense of excitement about and commitment to making the world a better place. Its central philosophy is based on the following tenets:

1) the social, as well as the geo-economic and geopolitical issues we face today are interconnected throughout the world and will ultimately impact us all;

2) each of us, as citizens of our local and global communities, bear a responsibility to heal and preserve our planet for future generations; and

3) each of us, given the wealth of resources available, have the ability to make a real difference, and to become part of a collaborative solution.

Action Now Network is an entirely free site that invites users to investigate the issues and to get involved. It aims to present available resources in an interactive and dynamic way, and to provide a framework for user communication and collaboration in support of the many extraordinary organizations that are working to resolve some of the most challenging problems that threaten our quality of life and survival today.



Two core functions form the heart of this site. Users are invited to freely explore and use any or all of the resources as they develop levels of understanding about and commitment to one or more issues.


Education is a primary goal of Action Now Network. This site provides links to various resources and articles of interest, through which users can research topics and otherwise educate themselves about the issues. The organizations posted in the Take Action Now Grid (see below) also provide a wealth of information about the issues.


The interactive Take Action Now grid is set on the Action Now Network Home page. It is the user’s first introduction to the organizations that advocate to resolve a critical problem or that provides an extraordinary community service.

The grid is divided into twelve cells. Each cell on the grid holds an index of carefully screened organizations. A Profile Page for each organization allows visitors to view key information about the organization including current projects, volunteer and career opportunities and links to its website.


Students, their families and teachers are particularly encouraged to visit and use this site. It is our belief that to the extent young people can understand and incorporate the issues into their lives, they will become more responsible stewards of a planet in which future generations will continue to grow and thrive.

Sheila Wasserman
Action Now Network



Action Now Network is operated by Action Now Network, Inc., a California corporation.

Action Now Network, Inc. is wholly owned by Sheila Wasserman, a long time resident of Los Angeles, California, and an avid champion of numerous charitable causes.

Action Now Network is supported entirely by private funding. Any after tax profits realized from advertising or other revenues will be donated to charitable causes.

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